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About Me...


I’m an Esthetician at Ma Jolie Salon & Spa by trade, and a photographer by passion.  As the saying goes, work has meaning beyond livelihood. I love my jobs because through them I have been able to connect with wonderful people, and develop great friendships that extend beyond a beauty treatment, or a photo shoot.  One of the most rewarding moments in my career as a photographer was when a client told me that they considered me part of their family because I had been present to help them capture, and preserve so many of their happiest moments. 


My work in photography and digital art spans over two decades. It started as a way for me to find solitude, but I soon discovered that I had a real artistic talent.  I am grateful to my family for having been so willing to be subjects for me to develop my camera skills, and especially my son who was just a child at the time.  I know I photographed him more times than he had patience for.  We joke that now, as an adult, he runs the other way when he sees me pull out the camera.


I decided to give my family a break from the lens, but that quickly worked into a case of “The Photography Blues” for me.  I missed having fun with my camera, so I started booking shoots for friends and family events.  It was great to receive positive feedback regarding the quality of my work, and I was encouraged by many to pursue photography beyond a hobby.  I thought about it, and I realized that life moves fast, and sometimes it moves too fast.  I also realized that helping my friends and family capture their special moments in perpetuity, through my photography work, gave me great joy.  This understanding and the encouraging words of friends and family gave a start to my career as a professional photographer.


My style is artistic in nature. My process begins with a consultation through which I seek to develop an understanding of your goals.   My work extends beyond selecting the correct equipment, location, lighting, or angles for your photo session.  After capturing your images, I spend a significant amount of time using sophisticated photo editing software and techniques to ensure that the quality, look, and feel of your photos deliver not only a great memory, but also a work of art that you will be proud to display in your home or office.


I invite you to take a peek at my portfolio, and encourage you to reach out to me with any questions.  Thank you for visiting my page. 


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