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She knows what she wants!

© Suzan Petersen Artistic Photography

Lexie contacted me after seeing one of her friend’s senior portraits. She took the initiative in setting up her whole senior photoshoot and she was very specific of what she really wanted. (#1) SUNSHINE! (#2) Brick or old wood (#3) SUNSHINE!! (#4) SUNSHINE!!! oh and did I mention, SUNSHINE? I love when they know exactly what they want. With her suggestions I went out and scouted some areas that will work and found just what she requested. Then Mom called and really wanted it to be at a more sentimental location that was frequented while growing up. I thought That is wonderful, I love that idea. Sentimental is so important! Especially for your memorable high school senior portraits that will be with you for a lifetime. You will always look back at that location as “this is where I grew up.”

Now my challenge was to go to that location (which I’ve shot at several times before) to find areas that will meet Lexie’s and her Mom’s request. As a photographer it is very important to deliver your client’s vision. After all, these are cherished memories to last a lifetime and will always be looked back at.

Lexie's Future Quote: “My Senior Portraits were taken at the park I grew up at.”

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