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  • Suzan Petersen

Are You Still Kidding Me?

Last year I received a phone call from a local Author, Stacey Gustafson, to take some pictures of her for her book. I figure she must just need a headshot. Oh no, she wants it for the cover! Of course, I said yes! I mean how often is a photographer asked to take a photo of an Author for their book cover! Hells yes, I said YES! She explained she could use one of these stock photos but thought it would be fun to use one of herself doing funny gestures. Funny gestures? Now I'm curious.

When I got to her beautiful home she had a full-on storyboard put together of what she wanted. OK no one and I mean NO ONE, has ever done this before for their photographs. She means business! Can I just say I wish all my clients were this prepared. It was perfect and gave me an idea of exactly what she wanted.

Her backyard is stunning, and this is where she wanted her photos done. Plenty of nice areas for me to shoot in natural light with a natural backdrop as well as what is needed for the cover. She wanted a “few” with her spunky lil puppy. By the way spunky lil puppy insisted in being in the photos whether she was holding spunky lil puppy or not.

She explained that her publisher needs her up against a white backdrop, so they can easily pull her image out and place it however they need to on the cover. I brought a portable/foldable one, like the ones you fold up for your car window only this thing is taller than 6' and wider than two people and a bitch to fold back up! To the point where it’s embarrassing to do it in front of your client. I hadn't purchased a stand for it yet and figured it’ll be fine. Well on a lil windy day that wasn't the brightest of ideas. I felt so mortified that this thing was not cooperating. Stacey was so gracious and totally went with the flow and I mean that literally with that backdrop flowing all over the place.

At the end of the session she gave me a signed copy of her first book, “Are You Kidding Me” My Life with an Extremely Loud Family, Bathroom Calamities, and crazy Relatives (Keep Kidding Me Serious Book 1)” I was so ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get home and read it. Can I just say I LOL all the way through it?

Her new book, the one I photographed the cover for, Are You Still Kidding Me? (Keep Kidding Me Series Book 2 came out September 18th and was excited to see it landing on my kindle dashboard. I read through a good portion of the first half and found myself LOL again! If you want some great laughs and reminiscing down your own similar circumstances, you’ve got to read this book. My similar circumstance without giving away anything is her Netflix story. I think we’ve all been in this boat…. no?

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