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  • Suzan Petersen

2019 Model Team are Sweet for Danville Chocolates

Our 2019 Senior Model Team is all about representing our local business’. Historic Danville, California (population was 44,631 in 2016) is a quaint town where you will find the locals frequenting coffee houses, amazing restaurants, boutiques and more. A perfect town to stroll the streets enjoying its small-town charm.

One of the teens favorite finds is an adorable Candy House called Danville Chocolates with the finest sweets around.

Owner, Jacqui Amayo was gracious enough to let us come in and photograph the Senior Models in and around her shop. The models had a lot of fun picking out some of their favorite sweets.

First picks were candy apples. I mean who doesn’t love candy apples! Danville Chocolates candy apples have various toppings to pick from... “They all look so good, which one do I pick?” Were the words from two models.

Jacqui put together a dish of chocolates to drool over. A model tried and succeeded to graciously be photographed holding this dish; but it seemed a bee found the chocolates to be just as enticing as this beautiful dish looked. I have to give kudos to the Model! It was a very bee…delicious challenge.

Did you know Danville Chocolates has ice cream! Yes, ice cream! Strolling down the charming town of Danville on a hot day, ice cream is a must have.

Or wait, how about hot chocolate? They have that too. So hot chocolate on a cold wintery day…. what better hot chocolate to have then from a chocolate shop?

Next time you are in town, Danville Chocolates is the perfect stop to satisfy your sweet tooth. So much to choose from!

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