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Cal High Homecoming 2018

I had the honor of joining the 2018 Cal High's Homecoming Pre-party to

take photos with my 2019 senior model team. I would say close to, if not more, 200 kids gathered at this home up in the San Ramon hills. For years, the Bullock family have been opening their home as a meeting place for pictures prior to the high school events. When we walked in they have it all decked out with a huge balloon banner in the entrance, signs, food and drinks. Not to mention the view is amazing! Such an amazing family to open up their home for memories that will be cherished by so many forever. 10-50 years down the line, they will say “Remember the pre-parties at the Bullock's house?”

For the gallery it's here: Gallery

PRIVATE MESSAGE me on Instagram or Facebook for the password. If you do share any of the images, I would really appreciate the shout out. Tag my business pages on either Facebook or Instagram. Thank you and enjoy your memories!

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