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  • Suzan Petersen

BFF x 20

I had the honor of photographing this group of Seniors. They are all best friends and one of the Mom's, Chrissy, hired me to capture their friendship as a memory to cherish for a lifetime. What a sweet sentimental keepsake that Chrissy gave to them; they will truly remember this memory and that you had given it to them.

I have to say when she called me to do this group I figured 4-6 bestfriends. Then she told me more like 15-20. Yeah my mouth kinda dropped. But then I thought, WOW that's pretty awesome to have so many bestfriends. Some of the kids that were planned to attend, couldn't make it, so it was 10 instead of the 15+. It was really fun hearing them interact and talk about the latest teen news. Lots of laughter, and you can truly see the love amongst them all.

At the end they had one thing on their mind...... Can you guess what? Yup FOOD...... I heard...

"Let's get In & Out" "No, let's have Sushi, Amakara"

I never did find out what they decided on but I can assure you that's exactly where they went right after their shoot. They worked up an appetite.

Loved how these group photos came out!. These kids were great to work with. Special thanks to Mary Koch for being my assistant. It's not easy handling a group as just the photographer; and you were an awesome assistant. Thank you so much! I owe you :)

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