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Eye Injury on Family Portrait Day... Oh My

Eva, a high-school classmate of mine, reached out to me to do their family portraits. I was so excited and honored they chose me to do their portraits/art to be displayed on their walls. Can I just say, Eva looks EXACTLY as she did in High School. Just beautiful!

“Don’t mind his closed eye. He poked it while working on his classic car. But I told him he’s going to have his photographs done no matter what." Says his wife.

When they arrived, her husband had a cloth pressed over his eyes. Eva explained what happened. I felt so bad for the guy. Imagine trying to put on a happy face when you are in pain. But man was he a trooper!!! We worked with it. I had him keep that cloth over his eye keeping his eye closed till we were posed and ready to shoot. 1.2.3….. open your eyes. The images, considering all that he went through, came out beautiful. What a trooper he was! Will you look at this beautiful display of photographs shown above!

They ordered a beautiful 20x30 acrylic image that displays on their wall as a piece of art. No need for a frame! It sits out just a bit from the wall giving it a 3d effect. Along the edges of the acrylic print you can see the print coming through (See image circled in red on the left below) and the acrylic front gives it a beveled glass look showing the image in a unique way (see image circled in red on the right below). The professional lab I use uses archivable colors to last a lifetime. Just Stunning!

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