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2018 Holiday Photo Sessions

This year was pretty swamped and I had very little time for family photo sessions. Aside for me heading to Hawaii for vacation and the rainy weather, I was only able to get so many sessions in. Each person photographed this year are repeat clients. Thank you so much for choosing me to make your yearly memories! A few not published within this blog asked to be kept concealed and I respect that. I'm sorry some got rained out; this time of year is always unpredictable.

This year I had all of our family meet at a location. My niece and her family, my brother and his kids and my family. OMG!!..... photographing your own family is literally a comical circus. It cracked me up because I saw the other photographer within the area grinning at my predicament. We all know what it's like to have to try and get photographs of your own family. In the end it's always fun memories made and new portraits for our walls. Something we will talk about years down the line. Love our family time, no matter how crazy we are. I think we should make it a new tradition with dinner afterward like we did this year.

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